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New Initiative of Government of Kerala

Jeevani- Centre for Wellbeing is a new programme implimented by Government of Kerala, in all government colleges. The services offered under Jeevani programme are available for all students enrolled in the college. College level Jeevani Commitee constisting of Chairman (Principal), Co-ordinator (Ms. Sashila. A, Assistant professor, Department of Economics), PTA secretary (Dr. Binu.R) and a mental health Professional (Ms. Rinku. S. David, Psychologist) provide councelling services during the break time.    

Jeevani Commitee


Dr. Sunil John J.  (Principal) 

Ms. Sashila A. (Co-ordinator)

Dr.Binu.R (P.T.A Secretary)

Ms. Rinku. S. David (Psychologist) 

Faculty Profile

Report (2014-2018)


       Jeevani –A preventive and promotional Model of Mental Health and wellbeing has started in our college on August 2019. The objective of the Project is to improve awareness and promote mental health among College Students. This programme ensures early identification of psychological issues among students. As part of the programme, many services are offering to the students:

  1. Counselling for students having psychological issues.
  2. Conducting of programmes for creating awareness about mental health.
  3. Early detection of student’s problems.
  4. Education Support.
  5. Development of Social Skills among students
  6. Development of life skills among students


The first step is to give a brief idea about the project among students. The councillor self-introduce and create friendly environment with the students with each class. There is a session to introduce the importance of mental health and need forcounselling. This programme helps the students to cope with complex situations in life.


  1. Topic “ Life skills and Cerebral Dominance “. On 31/08/2019 Saturday from 10AM to 1 PM to NSS volunteers of the college.
  2. Celebration of World health day on 10/10/2019,
  3. College level inauguration of the programme on 10/10/2019.

(Dr. V Manikantan Nair, Principal of the college inaugurated the Programme)

Mental Health Awareness programme

  1. Talk on “Prevention of Suicide”.
  2. Class on “learning techniques” on 28/09/2019
  3.  Talk on “Learning skills and personal growth” on 23/01/2020.
  4. Lecture by Dr.Unnikrishnannair (Peroorkada mental health centre, Tvm.) on 7/12/2019.

Jeevani Inauguration

Healthy Eaquals

Mental Health Awareness Class

Good Mental Health - An Awareness Class

Annual Report 2019-20

Annual Report 2020-21