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  • Academic Earth. This independent nonprofit collects videos from the lecture-halls of universities around the country. Watch a semester’s worth of video lectures from a given university course, or find a curated collection of lectures from the archive on a particular theme. No other course materials are offered. While the Web site lists 30 partner institutions, several only provide informational videos or links to their online degree programs. But overall, hundreds of instructors’ lectures are provided. Access:
  • Khan Academy. A widely popular example of open educational resources, the Khan Academy began in 2004 as a way for the founder, Salman Khan, to begin creating short tutorials to teach his cousin and others mathematics. The tutorials were eventually posted to YouTube, and their success of these resulted in the creation of the Khan Academy. Currently the Khan Academy offers open educational resources primarily in mathematics and science but has expanded to include other subject areas. These 3,000 plus online videos are self paced and allow students to focus on the specific lessons they need help with. Access:
  • Applied Math & Science Educational Repository. Although math and science are in the title, this repository of online educational content offers resources in a variety of other disciplines, too, including vocational education and health. Access:
  • Merlot. This massive resource was begun by a consortium of state higher education systems. Today it offers access to learning objects, full course curricula, open access journals, assessment tools, open textbooks, discipline-specific pedagogical resources, and more. Material is peer reviewed, and reviewer and user comments are accessible to all. Academic discipline is represented by communities, each with their own editorial board of faculty from disparate institutions. Browsing through users’ “personal collections” can provide insight into how others use the materials. Access: Commons. Compiling contributions of individuals, universities, cultural institutions, and online initiatives, OER Commons allows educators to access open online content based on a useful, faceted search function. Outside links are displayed within an OER Commons frame, which makes navigation easier or more cumbersome, depending on your preferences. Registered users can save and comment on items. Access:
  • National Repository of Online Courses (NROC). NROC offers a short list of advanced placement, college preparatory, and foundational college-level courses in math, science, and American history and government. A project of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education, NROC offers full courses, lessons, and learning objects developed by membership institutions that follow lengthy pedagogical guidelines, and who are then able to share courses, use others’, and integrate content into their own course management systems. Access:
  • iTunesU. Apple made a splash at the beginning of 2012 with the announcement of its iTunesU app. Although content is available through the regular iTunes site, the iTunesU app allows users to organize course lectures, notes, books, and other supporting materials for an entire course or combination of courses. Participating educational and cultural institutions number in the thousands and make varying degrees of content freely available—from one-off video or audio lectures to full blown courses complete with syllabi, lecture notes, iBook textbooks, quizzes, and more. Some content is simply an upload of a static film taken from the back of a traditional university lecture hall. Other content is created specifically for use in iTunesU. For instance, Open University has created a multitude of self-paced courses, including Moons: An Introduction, which suggests a self-directed pace of completing the course in a week. Many participating institutions provide more or different content on their own open-course Web sites from what they offer in iTunesU. Access:
  • Textbooks

    • Flatworld Knowledge. This for-profit publisher offers open access textbooks, primarily in business, but in other subjects, as well. The company’s profit is made from selling supplemental materials and alternative book formats to students. Access:
    • Global Textbook Project. An international initiative, Global Textbook Project seeks to provide access to free, quality textbooks to students in developing nations. The project is led by a team of university faculty members, whose global staff is creating a growing collection of open textbooks. Access:
    • National Academies Press. Most books published by the National Academies Press can be downloaded for free in PDF format. Just find the book you want, bypass the print price, and click the “Download Free PDF” button. This site requires that you provide a name and e-mail address. Access:
    • Smarthistory. This award-winning, multimedia, online art history textbook is now owned and operated by the Kahn Academy. Access:
    • WikiBooks. Offering more than 2,000 titles, WikiBooks offers access to open textbooks written collaboratively (much like Wikipedia entries). Peer reviewers are any users who wish to contribute. Access:

    News and additional information

    • Open Courseware Consortium. With a more global perspective, Open Courseware Consortium seeks to make an impact on accessibility to education on an international scale. Rather than a simple repository of courseware, the Open Courseware Consortium offers its members the tools and resources to develop their own content. Click on “Community” to find the consortium’s toolkit for those seeking to make a case for open educational resources at their own institutions and communities, as well as help with assessment, pedagogy, and more. Click “Courses” to search external content from the consortium’s 19 sustaining members. Access:
    • Open*Education. devotes a section of its site to news and insight from the world of open education resources. Contributors include librarians, college faculty members, and other open-source and open-access enthusiasts. Updates appear every few days. is a publication of Red Hat, a for-profit, open source technology developer. Access:
    • Open Educational Resources Blog. Written by Cable Green, director of global learning at Creative Commons, Open Educational Resources covers the international world of open educational resources. The blog offers the latest news on conferences, Webinars, and collaborative activities in the United States and around the world. Access:
    • Why Open Education Matters. This year, a star-studded panel of judges will spend part of their summer picking the best submissions for this online contest. A video introduction from Secretary of Education Arne Dunkan invites contestants to submit short videos to be judged by the likes of Davis Guggenheim, James Franco, Nina Paley, and others. The contest is a collaborative project of Creative Commons, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Open Society Institute

    1 Moodle

    Moodle works as free learning management software that allows users to create customized courses. Through analytics, this open source learning management system is capable of measuring the success of training programs, administer virtual classrooms, and generate certificates. It can design and manage courses to meet various requirements due to direct learning paths. The classes can be online, blended instructor-led and self –paced.

    This LMS software offers secure authentication and mass enrolment. In Moodle courses you can add and enroll users with the help of over 50 authentication and enrollment options. With ease, this software combines courses in bulk and backup and restores extensive courses. It defines roles to specify and manage user access to deal with security concerns. Within a single admin interface, you can install and disable the plug-in.

    The group learners in this LMS system share courses, differentiate activities, and facilitate teamwork. Within the browser, it quickly reviews and provides in-line feedback by directly annotating files. The system also comes with advanced grading facility, where, it allows users to customize grades according to the course and the type of examination. Across courses and activities, this software setup competencies with personal learning plans. In a private space, you can teach and share as only you, and your class can access the courses


    • Modern & easy to use interface
    • Personalized dashboard
    •  Collaborative tools and activities
    • All-in-one calendar
    • Convenient file management 
    • Simple and intuitive text editor
    • Notifications & Tack progress
    • Customizable site design and layout
    •  Multilingual capability
    • Supports open standards
    • High Interoperability
    • Regular security updates
    •  Detailed reporting and logs
    •  Encourage collaboration
    • Embed external resources
    • Multimedia integration
    • Marking workflow
    •  Peer and self-assessment
    •  Integrated badges

    2 TalentLMS (Free software) 

    TalentLMS simplifies and strengthens the whole training process by helping users do more than just creating courses and organizing educational materials. This free learning management system is ideal for carrying engaging online training. It works as an extremely configurable cloud-hosted learning management system that can assist users to conduct online training programs, seminars, and courses easily and effortlessly.

    In just a few clicks, this LMS system is ready to help you to offer training the way you want. With simplicity, this software combines support for multiple file types and multimedia. It holds the essential inbuilt tools that help everyone involved.

    This LMS system is built for businesses of all sizes that believe in the education of employees for their career growth. The system is built with excellent conferencing features and gamification capabilities. Anywhere and anytime, you can access the seminars and courses as this system is entirely mobile-responsive.


    • Course Authoring
    • Custom branding and custom fields
    • Exam engine
    • Custom reporting and custom homepage
    • Administrative reporting
    • Course catalog
    • Display transcripts
    • Training and eLearning
    •  Integration APIs
    • Mobile user support
    • LMS Marketplace
    • Interface
    •  Registration Management
    • Individual Plans
    • File exchange
    •  Email Integration
    • Testing and grading
    •  Defined user roles
    • Data import/export
    •  ILT support
    • Goal setting
    • Grading

    3 Forma LMS

    This free and open source learning management  software system focuses on corporate training needs such as integrability, talent management, and automated tasks. This software is developed by a network of companies and holds the main target of large organizations and consulting companies.

    Forma LMS is simple and intuitive that is designed for the corporate world. You can manage and deliver online training courses from this web-based eLearning platform. For great user experience, this LMS system presents a modern and responsive layout. The system is capable of generating pdf certificates automatically. With different administrators, this software manages multiple-clients-or-brands from a single installation. The comprehensive set of options allow proper learning and collaboration. You can manage classroom courses, attendees, locations, and calendars by making use of this software. The built-in skill gap analysis monitors your user’s growth.


    • Engaging user experience
    • Extensive elearning 
    • Flexible user management
    • Outstanding report system
    • Talent management
    • Multi-client
    • Classroom management
    • Integrated certificate system
    • Video conferencing integration
    • Extend with plug-in
    • Responsive user interface
    • API integration
    • Competencies & Roles
    • Native ecommerce functionalities

    4 ILIAS

    ILIAS is the open source learning management software that offers flexible online working and learning environment. For your e-learning needs this software work as the “one-stop solution.” This full-fledged collaboration platform works as a simple course player and a sophisticated authoring tool for users.

    You will find this software convincing for developing and realizing web-based eLearning. This software was designed so that the cost of using new media in education and training can be reduced. Large enterprises, freelancers, non-profits, small and medium businesses, and public administrations can make use of this software.

    The tool allows you to fine-tune your permissions for every object due to the presence of highly-developed Access Management. With a single device, the study programs will enable you to reproduce full curriculums. The drag and drop file upload will allow you to share your content. For learners, it has a personal workspace that allows the easy creation of portfolios and blogs. You can use it as a simple course player and a sophisticated authoring tool. The voluntary membership to the ILIAS society is inexpensive and grants you a direct influence on the long-term development process.

    You can enjoy simple and customizable training tools and courses by installing this open source software at free of cost. It provides a wide range of standardized learning functions and processes that enables easy use by all users. This software is entirely in line with online training standards. To design and run online courses, this software offers lots of features. Among users, it supports communication and cooperation and provides the possibility for assessment tests. The system runs surveys and enables online student learning.


    • Asynchronous Learning
    • Blended Learning
    • Academic/Education
    • Built-in Course Authoring
    • Corporate/Business
    • eLearning Companies
    • Mobile Learning
    • SCORM Compliance
    • Video Conferencing
    • Self-registration and self-enrolment

    5 Opigno

    Opigno is the open source learning management software based on Drupal. The users can manage his or her online training by making use of this free LMS software. It efficiently ensures that the student, employees, and partner skills remain up to date.

    This software is used in every sector like services, luxury goods, industry, medical, and administration. It provides fast and reliable customer support. You can enjoy e-learning platforms of all sizes by making use of this LMS software. The core of this software is lean and mean. It offers flexible building blocks and APIs to create a custom e-learning system. The default roles included in this software are student, teacher, class ‘coach, and administrator. You can add by using fine-grained control over what each character can do or not on the platform.

    If you want to start an online training business, then you can rely on this software, or if you are looking for a scalable and reliable tool to train your employees, clients or partners, then this software is apt for your requirements.


    • Flexible access control
    • Global and course-specific forums
    • H5P technology
    • Embeddable collaboration layers
    • BrowserStack
    • Global calendar
    • Global and course-specific forums
    • Roles management
    • Training management
    • Integration
    • Reporting
    • Collaborative tools
    • E-commerce
    • Security
    • Asynchronous self –paced
    • Blended Learning
    • Academic/Education
    • Corporate/Business
    • Gamification
    • SCORM Compliance
    • Video Conferencing
    • User roles, authentication, accounts, and enrolment

    6 OpenOLAT (Open source)

    OpenOLAT is the open source LMS software that derives from OLAT an abbreviation of “Online Learning and Training.” 

    This internet-based learning platform provides learning, teaching, and assessment environment. This software impresses users with its intuitive and straightforward operations. It serves as the intelligent modular system that provides course authors a broad spectrum of educational possibilities. The students can improve their learning experience by making use of this software. 

    The users of OpenOLAT can create groups and invite fellow learners, create courses and run exams, adjust personal settings, and contact other users via email, forums, chat, and even virtual classrooms. The collaboration tool of this software includes 1.1 chat, wiki, project groups, comment and assessment features, interfaces to virtual classes, portfolio group task, blogs, and podcasts.

    From time to time, you will observe many upgradation in the release notes of this software. The software has added many important features, like – integration of external videos as a learning resource, variables in the email course element, delete a user account, user-to-user relationship, improvement content, survey editor, trend report, integration edu sharing and much more.


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