About the Department

Established in 1975,the Dept of English of Govt. College Attingal conducts Language course classes to the five CBCSS Degree programmes (BA Eco,BA History,BSc Maths,BSc Polymer Chemistry and B.Com)offered by the College.The post graduate course in English Language and Literature started in the year 2018.Efforts are on to get sanction for the Graduate course as soon as possible.

  Aim of the Course

  To impart knowledge and  to  foster  love of literature and language in students.The electives of the course will enable students to expand the horizons of knowledge through intimations of World Literature as well.

Administrative Activities

 The faculty of the Dept has significantly contributed to the administration by taking up some of the key responsibilities at the institute level(Vice Principal) and by actively participating in various institute level committees .

Students’  activities– The  dpt provides platform to showcase the talents of students through English Association activities.Most of the students excel in literary and arts programmes conducted at the College level.The dept is proud to have produced 4 NET  winners even before completing their course and within two years of commencement of the same.


1.Lakshmi Chandrasekhar    Assistant Professor , HOD

2. Bimal Edwin                   Asst: Professor

3. Dr. Nisha. N                   Asst: Professor

4. Anulekshmi.U.G             Asst: Professor

5. Dr. Nevil Stephen. S          Asst: Professor

6. Lekshmi. P                     Asst: Professor

7. Ganga .R                       Asst: Professor

7. Arathy Prathap.            Asst: Professor

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