Rules for Admission

  1. The courses of study offered have been given in Section 6 of the calendar.

  2. Students are usually admitted early at the beginning of the first term. Transfer of students from one college to another during the course of a year will be sanctioned by the University only in the case  where the sanctioned strength for the subject/group/class in the college in which they are to be admitted will not be exceeded by such transfer.

  3. No foreign student who approaches the institution directly will be admitted finally unless he/she holds regular student -long term stay visa. Foreign students who approach for admission directly, in case they came to India on tourist visas, might be provisionally considered and their eligibility decided, but they should not be actually admitted to the course until they get Government approval to their visas being converted to students visas (vide letter from Under Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Education No. F 6-42/71-NS3 dated 4-12-1972).

  4. Admission to the degree course is made on the basis of the marks or grades obtained by the student in the qualifying examination and the number of appearances for that examination.

  5. The qualifying examination for the degree is the Plus Two/VHS E/Pre-degree or an equivalent exam as is decided by the university.

  6. Students who have passed these examinations after more than two attempts are not ordinarily given admission particularly to   the   Science Courses.

  7. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant without  assigning  any reason.

  8. No student will be enrolled or allowed to attend any class until  the fees due from him/her have been  paid.

  9. Candidates who have passed the Plus Two, VHSE, All India Higher Secondary Examination conducted by the Board are eligible for admission to the first year of the three year degree course of the Kerala University.

  10. Decisions of the University of Kerala (University letter No. GD3/336/66 dated 7th May 1966) with regard to admission to the three year degree course and professional courses may change from time to time.

  11. At the time of the admission candidates are to be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

  12. Govt. have ordered to give 15 grace marks to students holding NSS / NCC Certificates for Degree courses and 5 grace marks for Post Graduate Courses.These marks are also given to children of ex-service men.

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